Commodity trading is continuously striving to modernize and integrate new technologies searching for ever faster and more secure international exchanges. With Argos Logistic, SCCF go further by providing all entities involved in the commodities segment with a wider spectrum of services including data enrichment and blockchain technology.

Argos Logistic enables the creation of unique digitalized documents and guarantees the authenticity of each file generated on its platform. An open verification service is available to our partners to validate the authenticity of any file created. Additionally, Argos Logistic extracts the data during document generation in order to improve the knowledge partners have of the underlying commodity, enabling real time monitoring of the supply chain. The file owner may share documents for download with any partners, including forwarders, warehouse companies, insurance companies and banks. Finally, Argos Logistic enriches the data in the documents with external datastores with a view of enhancing the risk assessment thanks a more robust knowledge. Whilst all of these indicators have been developed for letters of credit, the basic principles applied can be mirrored for other transactional documentation, including (non-exhaustively) Invoices, Warehouse Receipts, Bills of Lading, FCRs, Quantity and Quality certificates..

As with most of the leading websites around the world, anyone can sign up on the platform freely in a few seconds. Identity verification (KYC) is undertaken by our partner SwissCom and once this item has been addressed, all services are activated, including the letter of credit and electronic documents generation. Each file can be downloaded after receipt of an email invitation by a partner of the drafting agent. Additionally, an authenticity confirmation of the file can be printed in the Liquid blockchain. In order to optimize interaction with the multiple IT departments of companies, including insurance companies and banks, Argos Logistic proposes a data standard and schedule opening an API service.


Argos Logistic

Our Argos Logistic platform is designed to ease monitoring at all levels for the increased amount of transactions financed by SCCF. We enter 2019 secure in the knowledge we will see a rise of our KPI’s (number of users, files generated, blockchain files, …), an enhanced development of new features on the platform and a wider geographical spread of our customer base.

How does it work?

Technologically speaking, Argos Logistic is composed of a web platform (PHP) enabling PDF generation through a JavaScript lib. JSON data are stored in databases while the files remain in a specific file storage location. Each blockchain record of the Proof of Existences and file verification is made via a web wallet plugin on the user browser and some specific Argos Logistic web pages. Once proof of existence is published, anyone can access and verify the file however amendment and deletion are restricted to the owner. The data enrichment is made via JavaScript Web Service by OpenData API, in order to always show real time information.

What is the process?

  1. Create the document online
  2. Print and sign the orinigal document
  3. Scan and upload the final file
  4. (optionnal) Record the "digital fingerprint" in a blockchain in order to certify the authenticity
  5. Share the document with your partners (bank, insurrance, funds, ...)


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