Commonly asked questions regarding Argos Logistic

Authentication and security

How do I register with Argos Logistic?

The use of Argos Logistic is reserved for companies in the commodities sector. Registrations are by co-optation.

A partner company gave me access to an Argos Logistic document, but I don't have any account on your site.
How can I access the document?

The e-mail giving you access to the document includes a link allowing you to register.

API and Data Standard

I received a document generated by Argos Logistic. How can I verify that it is authentic?

The documents generated by Argos Logistic all contain a QR Code at the bottom of the page. This QR Code contains the main information of the document.

First, you are invited to check that the data in the QR Code corresponds to the data mentioned in the text.

Then, you can make a validation request, using the data of the QR Code, to obtain the complete report concerning this document, including a check of its authenticity.

I would like to integrate the information contained in the documents generated by Argos Logistic into my databases. How can I proceed?

The QR Code contained in each document allows you to include some, but not all, basic data.
To complete your database, Argos Logistic provides an API allowing you to obtain all the information about a document.
This can include the history of the document, the checks carried out by Argos Logistic (KYC, ...), the documents related to the document (Release of goods, ...).

A data standard is published by Argos Logistic at https://argoslogistic.com/data-standard.

The use of the API is a service billed by Argos Logistic.