Data modeling of a FCR and a Warehouse Receipt

Data diagram

Data modeling of a BL, AWL, CMR, …

Data diagram

Forwarder’s Certificate of Receipt - FCR

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Warehouse Receipt - WR

Actors and purpose of the document

Signatory : The warehouse keeper

Recipient : The owner of the goods/commodity and its investors (funds and banks).

Purpose of the document : This document ensure the depository, according the warehouse keeper, that a quantity of goods is present in a specific warehouse. This document enable to justify, later, the release of the goods, for a BL for example. The WR also is an important financial document because it justify the initial value of the goods, at the starting location.

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Air Way Bill - AWB

Bill of Lading - BL

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CMR - Carriage Road

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Forwarder’s Certificate of Transport - FCT

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Sea Waybill - SWB

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Certificate of Quantity

Certificate of Quality